Advanced Web Push Notification Analytics

Get invaluable insights into user engagement with push notification analytics to make better decisions based on aggregate data to drive more traffic.

Make Better Decisions With Better Information

With advanced push notification analytics, you’ll get more out of your notification data in order to make better business decisions and drive traffic.


Opt-In Data Analytics

Inspect the detailed performance of push notifications opt-ins and the impression of single or multi-step opt-ins. Check which opt-in is giving a better subscription rate and modify future notifications according to the data to increase your success rates.

Dashboard Data Analytics

Dashboard advanced push notification analytics give an overview of push notification performance in a single window. Check weekly statistics of push notifications such as the number of push notifications sent, the number of subscribers gained, active users, reviews, clicks, CTR, etc.


Device/Browser Analytics

Determine which devices and browsers your push notifications are most successfully reaching your audiences and driving action with analytics. You’ll know which devices and browsers you should focus on to make the most out of your web push notifications.

Location Data Analytics

Push notification analytics show subscribers and success trends based on your customers’ locations. Evaluate the geo-performance based on the number of subscriptions from a particular region from specific campaigns to determine where it is most successful.


Subscription Analytics

Get deeper insight into the push notification subscription rate by day/week/month. Compare the advanced analytics of your subscriptions with big and small images, different URLs, different titles, multi-action notifications, etc. and find the best one.

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