behavioral segmentation

Behavioral Segmentation

to buid accurate campaigns

Behavioral segmentation by to categorize push notification subscribers dynamically to deliver a personalized experience and increase engagement.

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Segment customers on the basis of their behavior

Perform behavioral segmentation on the basis of location and on-site behavior and perform engagement activities accordingly.

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location-based segmentation

Location-based segmentation

Create unlimited behavioral segmentations as per your requirements. These may be geolocation segments, behavioral segments, demographic segments or Custom segments. You can include and exclude as many segments you want while sending the push notification.

dynamic segmentation

Dynamic segmentation

Segment users based on the actions they take on your website. Create a segment when the user clicks on any element or purchases something from your website. Based on their activity, remove users from one segment, and add them to a different segment.

on-site behavior

On-site behavior

Segment your push notification subscribers based on their behavior. Create different segments as per the requirements and set the rules and goals. Based on the parameters you set, users will be automatically added to the respective segments for highly targeted notifications.

platform-based segmentation

Platform-based segmentation

Subset your subscribers into groups based on the web browser running on their device. Capture their technology preferences and send custom messages.



Segment your audience into several subgroups and deliver personalized content specifically according to age, gender, and language of each group.

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