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Drip push notifications by Push.ly for customized scheduling and automation capabilities to nurture leads and reach your audiences more effectively.

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Automate Your Push Campaigns To Save Time

Set up drip push notification campaigns with ease and automate them so you can schedule ahead of time at times appropriate for your recipients.

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schedule push messages

Schedule push messages

Create web drip push notifications and schedule them ahead of time in coordination with your user's timezone. Customize the time you send notifications and it will automatically deliver at the predefined time in the future for a more effective drip campaign.

automatic notifications

Automatic notifications

Engage with your customers at the right time through web push automation for a better drip campaign. Pre-schedule messages based on the behavior of your targeted audiences and send notifications automatically to users followed by any action triggered.

timezone selection

Timezone selection

Choose the right time to interact with your users according to the time zone your business is located in. Send the push notifications to your users based on their local time to get more clicks and higher traffic to your website and avoid the off-hour notifications.



Set the expiry date and time of your web push notifications, if desired, especially for limited-time deals. If your users will not be available or not online for the given time, then the notification will expire and won't be delivered to the user at all.

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