Browser Notifications for Any Platform Engagement

Send web push notifications to users on mobile, desktop or tablet. Web push notifications can be directly delivered to any major browser.

Manage Your Notifications for All Browsers

No need to concern yourself with which browsers are being used by whom. Send and manage all browser notifications from one location.


Add Multiple Websites

Add multiple websites and manage all your browser notifications from a single dashboard. makes it easier for you by letting you quickly access all of your websites from a single, centralized platform, ultimately saving you a significant amount of time.

Easily Add Multiple Users

Add your team members individually and create multiple logins for easy access. Set up multi-user access quickly and easily with customized permissions and accessibility as you require for each. Ensure your team can web browser notifications on demand.


Add Multiple Devices

Deliver web browswer notifications to your users’ devices, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Customize the notification based on the device and the screen size to ensure they are viewable and appear as high-tech as possible to impress your customers.

Add Multiple Browsers

Browser notifications can be supported by all major browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Safari. made significant updates to integrate with multiple web browsers and reach your target audience seamlessly so you won’t miss an opportunity.


HTTP and HTTPS Support

No need to worry about sending web push notifications from non-HTTPS websites again. works with both HTTP and HTTPS sites. Add the code provided by us to your website and you are able to send any notification effortlessly to anyone at any time.

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