Ways to increase click-through rates with push notifications

Learn these amazing tips to improve click-through rates using push notification software.

Click-through rate or CTR is an important factor to measure the efficiency of any push notifications. The goal of any web push notification is to increase sales by boosting visitors engagement. While many website owners certainly are unaware of what works and what doesn’t when aiming to increase their CTR. However, by analysing, one can get to know the root cause of what’s preventing their visitors from leaving the website or not making a purchase.So, In this post, let’s explore 10 innovative ways to increase click-through rates with push notifications that can lead to more revenue for your business.

1. Offer Opt-in Choice

Push notifications have an opening rate of 90% and these can considerably improve conversion for your website, but to make that work, give opt-in choice to your visitors at the very first place with a single-click ‘allow’ or ‘deny’.

Offer Opt-in Choice

This is important because, if the users click on a message and find it irrelevant, this will increase the opt-out rate at a later stage.

2. Cart abandonment Notifications

Did you know in the e-commerce business, over 75% of carts never see the thank you page? As per Baymard Institute’s recent research, average cart abandonment results in around $4 trillion loss of sales annually.

Cart abandonment Notifications

Cart abandonment occurs for various reasons. You should find the root cause and fix it. But at the same time, remind the user about their cart’s status via push notifications. Create a sense of urgency with the push messaging to make the user come back and complete the purchase process at the earliest.

3. Customized Notifications Based on User Behavior

Customized push notifications based on user behavior can significantly increase conversion for any shopping websites.

Customized Notifications Based on User Behavior

For instance, based on the user’s buying journey, send a personalized message. To improve the conversion rate, you can offer discounts by analyzing the user’s activity in real-time. Keep them up-to-date with notifications according to their area of interest.

4. Set Triggers

Triggers act as wonders in e-commerce websites and help improve conversion. You can set the actionable notifications that entice them to make a purchase. Do proper audience segmentation, create lists, and set the frequency for these triggers. By doing so, you can see a significant difference in the engagement and conversion rate.

Set Triggers

5.Occasion-based Notifications

People splurge on shopping for their loved ones during festivals. Would you miss the opportunity of welcoming a new season? For any online business, this is a good opportunity to inspire users with the web push notifications to indulge in all the new season collection.

Occasion-based Notifications

Encourage users to refresh their wardrobe, and entice them with interesting offers and discounts. You may set the following alerts:

  • Celebrating birthday/anniversaries
  • End of season sale
  • Summer collection alert

6. Flash Sales

The use of flash sales messages is a well-known and proven push marketing strategy. This helps create a sense of excitement and urgency among the users, leading to a higher click-through rate.

Flash Sales

Send out push notifications with offers that are time-bound, prompting users to make an immediate purchase. Include discounts and cashback offers to make it more effective.

7. Cross-Sell & Upsell Messages

Most online businesses are gaining 35% of its sales through cross-selling. It uses messages such as “customers who bought this item also bought” and “frequently bought together”.

Cross-Sell & Upsell Messages

The use of cross-sale and up-sale messages on e-commerce websites has become a norm these days. It has been noticed that the buyer might have come only to by one product, but ended up buying more.

8. Send drip notifications

With the drip notifications, you can target finding new subscribers by sending them a series of push notifications based on users' most browsed pages or items they added to their cart. It is one of the effective method to grab attention instantly that boosts click rate enormously.

Send drip notifications

9. Use CTA Buttons

To get the desired results, make use of the call-to-action button. Users are typically forgetful and you should guide them with the right CTA buttons in your web push notifications. We need to make customers anxious by providing them a good reason to click a call-to-action button. You may ask them to download a book, book a webinar, or buy the product based on their journey.

CTA Buttons

10. Product back in stock

When a customer is on the purchasing page of Amazon and, suddenly, the product is out of stock, a push notification is sent to the customer informing them that they can be notified when the product is back in the stock. This makes the customer feel happy and satisfied with the service and convenience your site provides.

Product back in stock


Push notifications is an effective tool to achieve customer engagement and increase sales. However, one should know how to use it wisely. Above mentioned are some of the best ways you can incorporate in our push notifications to constantly increase your click-through rates. Try Push.ly to send push notifications to keep subscribers engaged with your product even when they are not on your website or app.

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