Why We Built Push.ly

Learn more about why we felt the need of building a product like Push.ly that can help businesses engage customers like the Fortune 500.

Customers are at the center in today’s business ecosystem, and every customer expects personalized experience from the brand.Therefore, it requires businesses to deliver personalized notifications regarding their products and services to the customer and prospects at the right time.

Since we’ve been catering to the businesses with theAgile CRM, our all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) software, for quite a while, we figured out how small and medium-sized businesses can improve their customer engagement and run like the Fortune 500s.

Our newest mission was to find a way to reach customers with automatic, yet non irritating notifications regarding their products and services.

The Problem: Customer Engagement Challenges

Customer Engagement Challenges

First, we developed a list of roadblocks towards delivering superior customer engagement:

  • There’s only the email and social channels to communicate new offers or features and hope the customers come across it in their news feeds
  • Email campaigns are the only route to send personalized communications containing features like text, images, calls-to-action, etc.
  • No option to segment customer communications based on location, customer behavior, demographics, etc.
  • Incapability to automate a drip-type campaign to send specific messages based on user’s specific actions, or send a call-to-action at the right time
  • No analytics and insights to understand the campaign’s efficacy
  • Customers don’t have opt-in and opt-out feature for notifications
  • Alternative customer engagement solutions are either taking too much time to implement or annoying


Capabilities That a Business Requires

The list of challenges enabled us to define the capabilities that a business requires for customer engagement. These are:

  • Deliver personalized communications – Offer personalized messaging with dynamic content, not cookie-cutter content
  • Segment the subscribers– Subscribers tend to have different needs that are understandable based on their actions, making segmentation an important requirement.
  • Schedule communications – Ability to schedule in advance to be sent at the right time
  • Automated communications– Automated triggering of communications based on user behavior
  • Real-time updates – Performance analysis of the communication real-time for continuous improvements
  • Analytics –Powerful and more comprehensive analytics to gain further insight
  • Single dashboard to manage multiple websites – Ability to manage notifications on multiple websites from one single dashboard

The Solution

It became quite evident that a push notification system is the best solution to engage customers. This resulted in Push.ly for web browser notifications.

Best Solution to Engage Customers

Push.ly: Key Features

  • Personalization of push notifications using the customization of images, calls-to-action, landing pages, and more
  • User segmentation based on demographics, behavior, and user journeys
  • Drip notifications to deliver pre-scheduled and action-triggered messages over time
  • Opt-in and opt-out option
  • Analytics and insights into notification subscription rates, analytics on opt-ins and impressions, and campaign reports

Key Features

Value Proposition

  • Stronger customer relationships with improved loyalty
  • Increased opportunities for cross-sell & up-sell
  • Shorter purchase cycles
  • Optimized revenues by sending personalized offers tailored to customer needs
  • Better customer retention and reduced churn
  • Improved brand identity

If you are a small or medium-sized business looking for a cutting-edge customer engagement solution, we welcome you to leverage our Push.ly. We guarantee that your push notifications will help boost customer engagement without irritating your customers.

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