9 Amazing Tips to Use Web Push Notifications

Send engaging push notifications with these amazing tips and increase customer engagement like never before.

Do you use web push notifications in your digital marketing strategy? If not, start now before it’s too late!

In the era of smartphones and mobile apps, why are we talking about web push notifications?

Well, desktop usage still accounts for 42% of total time spent on the internet, and the recent PushPushGo data reveals that 85% of online stores and a wide range of other e-commerce operations used web push notifications in their business.

Web Push Notification is a relatively new customer engagement channel but growing fast and steadily in recent times. In this article, we’ll share 9 amazing web push notification tips to maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Let’s start…

Tip 1: Right Opt-In Prompt

Set the right opt-in prompt for web push notification. Make use of a native prompt, which is a single-step process, or a custom prompt – a double-step process? Both have pros and cons. Native prompt, for instance, has less friction and may lead to more opt-ins but in many cases, users block it. In addition, with the native prompt, you can’t promote any custom message and this leads to a high number of unsubscriptions in the later stage. On the contrary, the custom prompt works better due to its flexible nature.

Right Opt-In Prompt

Tip 2: Behavior-based Targeting

Increase the relevance and impact of your push marketing campaigns with automated behavior-based targeting. Once a user performs an action that you specified as an event, the opt-in would appear. You can set multiple parameters based on the user’s behavior and according to your business. For instance, e-commerce sites may consider product views, blogs or news websites can consider the time spent on a particular blog or article, etc. Behavior-based web push notifications have higher engagement rates and increase customer retention.

Behavior-based Targeting

Tip 3: Identify the Best Pages

In order to reap the most out of your push marketing, you need to identify the best pages to set the opt-in message. Perform a detailed analysis of your user’s journey to identify the best-performing pages. Set different advertising style push notifications. This will help convert your website visitors into subscribers more effectively.

Identify the Best Pages

Tip 4: Personalize Using Segmentation

Personalize Using Segmentation

Segmentation plays a very important role in push marketing. If you deliver the user a personalized experience, it establishes bonding between you and the user, creating brand loyalty. Consider the following while segmenting:

  • User location
  • Shopping habits/page visits
  • Repeated visitors
  • User profile
  • Referral source
  • Type of device
  • URL
  • Site action

Tip 5: Copywriting for Push Notifications

Copywriting for Push Notifications

Copywriting for web push notification is the key to a successful app. There’re character limits on the title and the message, and you’ve to retain its effectiveness. Remember, the sole purpose of the message is to get subscribers to click. So, you’ve to provide some value to the subscriber, otherwise, it won’t work.

  • Be clear in what you are saying
  • Be crisp
  • Use scarcity to create urgency
  • Use Social Proof

Tip 6: Use CTA Buttons

Maximize the use of call to action buttons to get the desired results. Users are typically forgetful and you should guide them with the right CTA buttons in your web push notifications. You may ask them to download a book, book a webinar, or buy the product based on their journey.

CTA Buttons

Tip 7: Time the Messages

As you start catering to users from different geographies, the timing could make or break your push marketing. So, your web push notification strategy should be based on historical information about user behavior.

Time the Messages

Tip 8: Make Irresistible Offers

Whether you want to entice new subscribers or want to keep your existing customers engaged, you need to make irresistible offers for every visitor in their opt-in message.

Make Irresistible Offers

Following are some of the lucrative giveaways you may consider: - Free eBooks - Reports - Podcasts - Webinar invites - Exclusive discounts

Tip 9: AB Testing to Optimize

AB Testing to Optimize

Since there’s no set formula for success, you’ve to experiment with different options to double down on the best performing versions.

So run AB tests with different things:

  • Subject lines
  • Emojis
  • Images
  • CTA's
  • Time of delivery
  • The day of delivery


Web Push notifications have been proven as the easiest and the most successful marketing tool. Marketers from all industries now use push marketing techniques as a part of the marketing campaign to enable offsite user engagement, drive website traffic, improve customer engagement, increase CTR, and retarget anonymous website visitors. Follow the aforementioned push notification tips, and see your business to new heights. Deliver the right message to the right people at the right time by setting up automated web push notifications based on user behavior with Push.ly by 500apps, a platform that allows you to send notifications in minutes.

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