Triggered Notifications To Drive Higher Conversion

Send a series of messages to your subscribers automatically with triggered notifications and deliver a high-impact experience to your customers.

Automatically Trigger Targeted Notifications

Set push notifications to appear based on specific actions taken by your visitors to engage them further or keep them engaged.


Target Your Audience

Specify your target audience using user personas and create custom target groups of subscribers. Trigger targeted messages to your audience according to their interaction with webpage content and interact with them on a personal level, increasing engagement.

Queue Series of Messages

Queue up a series of messages you want to send to your user based on their actions, such as adding to their wishlist. Schedule and specify the time interval to send the message to your user once they enter the campaign. Reach your subscribers with timely updates from the website.


Multi Trigger Campaigns

Create multiple triggers based on users’ actions. Send personalized messages to get high CTR. Add product images, price drop alerts and brand names of the products added to the wishlist or cart by the customer. Make your customers feel valued and encourage them to spend more time on your website.

Campaign Data Analytics

Analyze the performance of your notifications after each trigger campaign and check which one is performing better. Based on the data, do the necessary modification in the notifications for better results. Start the campaign again and analyze the performance report to drive higher conversions.


Boost Customer Engagement

Increase your customers’ web engagement and customer retention with customized user activity tracking. Multiply lead engagement substantially and drive more conversion with well-timed personalized trigger campaigns and better triggered notifications.

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